Video Blog: Stop Letting Emotion Control Your Words!

When tension breaks out between you and your partner, do anger and blame take you over – so totally! – that you can’t stop yourself from saying things that can only make it all worse – even if you are TOTALLY RIGHT? Here’s a little teaching that might help you out…to watch the video if you’re on this blog’s front page, click on this article’s title, or else just click this link.

Video Blog: Lovemaking Performance Anxiety – Helpful Words from a Therapist

Here is the gentle truth about sexual performance anxiety – I send this video with love and care, and hopeful blessings for you! If you are on this blog’s front page click on this article’s title, or else just click this link…

Video Blog: Why Lovemaking Fails…

You love each other – so why is it so weird? This could be the key….if you are on the blog front page, click on this article’s title to get to the video page, where you can click this link…

No More Anxiety and Panic Attacks – Step One

Anxiety and panic attacks are epidemic. I hope this brief video is helpful in opening the door to your journey: to ending this torment once and for all…to access the video click here (or if you are on the blog front page, click on the title of this intro first, then the link will appear…)

Video Blog: Is Your Partner Too Insecure (or anxious or depressed)?

I wish I didn’t see this so often with couples – one partner feels the other is just way too anxious or insecure – and they’re sick of it! But no matter how much of a “good guy” or gal they think they’ve been, it is almost ALWAYS the case that they haven’t worked as deeply as they think…if you’re on this blog’s homepage with all the other articles, first click on the title of this article – then once you’re one the page where this article is all by itself, you will be able to
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How to Discuss “Eggshell” Topics

One of the biggest challenges couples face is: how to talk about “eggshell” topics – those topics that you can’t discuss without fighting, or hurting feelings, or getting defensive – topics that one way or another, whenever you approach them, you both ending up feeling like crap about the relationship… Topics like: in-laws and relatives and friends you disagree on; past hurts, or future plans; personal hygiene, kids – and of course, money…you avoid these topics, yet they simmer unspoken beneath the surface; live-wire obstacles to real trust and intimacy and fulfillment. That’s why there shouldn’t
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Stop Fighting: Step One

This is always the first thing anyone must learn to break through their old habits of fighting and arguing in their relationship – or in any life conflict, really…

The Secret Reason Your Relationship Sucks During the Holidays! (and how to fix it)

Do you love or hate the holiday season? That might depend on what’s happening with your spouse or lover, right? If you’re married or with a partner but you still feel empty and unfulfilled, then the holidays are just a swamp of piled-on activities, plodding tasks, pressures, expectations, and overlapping dramas – and it all feels so….mandatory, and inconvenient, and intrusive. Is that you? If your holidays are a stressful slog, but you can’t put your finger on the problem – well, I just might know: Dopamine. It could be that you’re hooked on the stuff,
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